PA Auditor General Releases a report from our audit *UPDATED*
August 2, 2018

**Updated** The specific responses to each finding are posted in the document that is attached.

Last week the PA Auditor General released a report of a recent audit of the Keystone Valley Firefighters’ Relief Association for the audit period from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2017. The KVFD Board of Directors reviewed the audit report at last Monday night’s regular monthly meeting.

Many of the findings are easily corrected and there is absolutely no indication that funds were improperly used or any of significant concerns.

Several findings were already addressed and a plan of action was in place prior to release of this report to address other findings. We appreciate the auditor's work. The full report is attached below.

Attachment FirKeystoneValleyChester072618.pdf  (227k)
Attachment KVFD 2017 Relief Audit Responses .pdf  (45k)