Gas Leak - Outside
November 22, 2018

On Thanksgiving evening at 6:10 PM, KVFD was dispatched to investigate a gas leak in the 3500 block of Cemetary Road. The caller reported that they live next to an Eastern Shore natural gas line and there was a strong odor of gas outside.

Assistant Chief Klingler arrived and confirmed that there was an active release from the pipeline. County Radio notified the Eastern Shore pipeline and they dispatched a crew to assist. Firefighters stood-by and monitored with gas monitors while fire police shutdown Cemetary Road and Strasburg Road between Lenover Hill Road and N. Limestone Road. A "Shelter in Place" advisory was sent via Reverse 9-1-1 to all homes in the area.

Ass't Chief Klingler advised that the natural gas is less dense than air and is therefore rising.

At 7:17 PM he advised that product is still being released but the air quality is good. The wind is helping to dissipate the gas.

At 8:05 PM, Ass’t Chief Klingler reports the that the leak has been stopped - area is safe.

Units: Ass't 8, Engine 8, Rescue 8, Squad 8, Ambulance 8-2, and multiple fire police units.
Mutual Aid: Fire police from Christiana Fire Co., Lancaster County

Lisa November 22, 2018 at 8:13 PM
There were no calls or knocks on doors to all of the residence that live on the road as far as the leak, or of a shelter in place. The residence at the farther end of Cemetery Road closest to Lenover Hill Road were not all notice of this matter.

Keystone Valley Fire Department November 22, 2018 at 8:18 PM
Did you get a Reverse 9-1-1 call? Also the firefighters were closely monitoring the situation and would have gone to any location with an immediate hazard.