Major Fire at Farm-Bilt Machine
January 7, 2019

This morning at 7:00 AM, KVFD with mutual aid from surrounding fire companies was dispatched to a fire in the welding shop at Farm Bilt Machines on Quarry Road in West Sadsbury Township. The first arriving unit, Lanco Eng 42-1 reported fire through the roof.

Chief Cazillo arrived and assumed "Farm Bilt Command" and responders began an aggressive attack. Water supply became the immediate issue as the area doesn't have hydrants. Once additional tankers arrived the attack was continued. The fire was in the B/C corner in the machine room.

A tanker fill site was established at the nearby Walmart Store and fire police assisted there with traffic control.

As of 7:52 AM, firefighters were still on-scene. This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

During this fire, units also responded to a fire alarm at Home Depot [robably caused by the use of the nearby hydrant, and a fire alarm at Westminister Place.

At 8:28 PM, Chief Cazillo advised that the fire was under control and all units were working.

Units: Chief 8, Engine 8, Ladder 8, Squad 8, Amb 082,
Mutual Aid: Rescue 27, Tanker 27, Utility 27, Rescue 33, Engine 33-5, Engine 44-5, Medic 93-1, FM-101, Eng 31-1, Squad 31, Deputy 31, multiple fire police and the following units from Lancaster County: Tanker 34, Tanker 39, Rescue 42, Engine 42-1, Tanker 45, Engine 49-2, Engine 52-1, Tanker 52,