"2021" Command Staff
December 5, 2020

Keystone Valley Fire Department announces it's command staff for 2021.

This year we will be working collectively with the Board of Directors, Members and Regional Fire District to better serve our communities

"Working Regionally to Survive Locally"

Fire Chief: Brian Gathercole
Deputy Chief: Josh Schreiber
Assistant Chief: Rich Klingler
Fire Captain: Josh Jones
Fire Captain: Joe Marks
Lieutenant: Dan Tribbett
Lieutenant: Alyssa Demarco
Safety Officer: Doug Delestienne
Public Information Officer (PIO): Pete Mango

EMS Officers:
EMS/Career Staff Supervisor: Joe Miles
EMS Supervisor: Royce Dorman
EMS Supervisor: George Degnan

Chief Engineer: Gary Myers

Fire Police Officers:
Fire Police Captain: Bob Linsinbigler
Fire Police Lt: Earl Bryson
Fire Police Lt: Tim Cunningham

We wish the Officers of 2021 the best of luck and thank all the members of KVFD for their continued support and dedication.

The remainder of the KVFD Officers and staff can be found on www.kvfd8.com