Chimney Fire in West Sadsbury Township
March 23, 2020

This morning at 10:02 AM, KVFD, with a truck from the Gap Fire Company, were dispatched to a chimney fire reportedly contained at a home in the 200 block of S. Limestone Road, West Sadsbury Township.

Upon arrival, firefighters confirmed that the fire was contained to the chimney. They then dropped a chain down the chimney to clean out the build-up in the flue and cleaned it all out. Firefighters were in-service for about an hour and cleared at 10:59 AM.

Assistant Chief Klingler suggests that all homeowners who are using their chimneys consider an inspection and a good spring cleaning of such if recommended by a chimney sweep.

Photos by William Dill

Units: Ladder 8, Ambulance 081
Mutual Aid: Gap Fire, Truck #42