Accident with Heavy Entrapment
May 19, 2020

On Tuesday morning at 9:45 AM, KVFD was dispatched to an accident, soon reported to be with heavy entrapment, on W. Lincoln Highway at Newlin Road in West Sadsbury Township. Deputy Chief Schreiber arrived and assumed Rt#30 Command. Firefighters arrived and initiated extrication while EMS began patient care and fire police shut down the road.

Jeff Stat 3 was placed on standby but then was requested to fly as extrication was delayed.

Firefighters completed extrication at 10:16 AM. Two patients were transported by ground ambulance to LGH while a third was flown by JeffStat.

Multiple area EMS and fire police units assisted and Lancaster County's Gap Fire Co. provided rescue support.

The roadway was still closed at 11:46 AM.

The accident is under investigation by the West Sadsbury Township police.

Thanks to Mark Walsh for documenting the life saving efforts of all responders.

Units: Dep 8, Eng 8, FP 8, Res 8, Amb 8-02,
Mutual Aid: MIC 144, Med 93-1, Med 1-93, Med 93-2, Utility 31, FP-31, Trf 44, Leng 4201 LRes 42, lFP45, LFP-52, MIC144, JefStat3