Heroes Next Door features KVFD
October 14, 2020

Recently Keystone Valley Fire Department invited Heroes Next Door into our station to showcase it, our apparatus, and the memorials.

Heroes Next Door is production through YouTube. Look for our segment under the Station Crib section.

Hosted by flight medic/SWAT paramedic Mike Borrello, the series provides an inside look at fire companies with video tours of stations and apparatus. A dedicated YouTube channel has been established for the Heroes Next Door series. Mike and his crew came into KVFD and were able to put together a great video to help us showcase and discuss the hard work that was done to make KVFD what it is today. They interviewed Tim Reynolds, a lifetime member and historian, and Fire Chief Rob Cazillo.

Heroes Next Door stated that "We get an inside look at Keystone Valley Fire Department in Parkesburg, PA. We learn the history of this beautiful station and how it was remodeled to be a modern fire station."

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter for Station 8, or if you just want to learn more about the history of the station, please visit them at www.kvfd8.com

The link to the episode is as follows:


From the board and members of KVFD, thank you to Heroes Next Door for this opportunity and Mike Borrello for coming in and helping us to continue to spread the stories of fire departments in Chester County. This is a great tool for recruitment and also our communities.

To see a recent video about our new ambulance go to: