Leo Scaccia Joins KVFD
December 5, 2020

Chief Leo Scaccia, Medic 93 retired recently from the iconic position he’s held for many years. As a Past President of the EMS Council, Chief of Medic 93, and long-standing member of the EMS Board of Directors his contribution to EMS in Chester County is immeasurable. He is a friend, mentor and leader for many in the EMS and Fire service. His passion for EMS was second to none and he never stopped teaching, mentoring, or providing leadership to the future providers and leaders who would serve this great County.

Leo was part of the steering committee for KVFD and remained a big partner of the EMS division for KVFD. Leo always took time to work with our personnel and as well as working side-by-side with our stakeholders and shareholders of KVFD. We are now pleased to announce that Leo has partnered with KVFD as a mentor and fellow first responder.

Welcome Leo!

Credit: following is by the ChesCo Responder

Congratulations to Leo Scaccia In a virtual presentation held on October 13th, the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC) recognized the recipients of the 2020 Statewide EMS Awards. These awards are presented annually to recognize the Commonwealth’s outstanding EMS providers, agencies, and system partners. Multiple Chester County providers and agencies have received PEHSC awards throughout the years. This year Chester County added another recipient to that list, as Leo Scaccia was honored with the Dr. George Moerkirk Memorial Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award. This award is in memory of George E. Moerkirk, M.D., Past President of PEHSC who was instrumental in the development and growth of Pennsylvania’s EMS system. This award honors an individual or organization who has provided a significant contribution to the Pennsylvania EMS system in any of the following areas: statewide, regional, or local-level system development or administration; EMS agency development or administration; advancement in clinical care; education/professional development; medical direction; research; advancement in safety or illness/injury prevention; or vehicle and/or technical rescue.

Since his arrival in 1982 as one of the original staff members of Brandywine Hospital’s Medic 93, Leo had been a pillar of the Chester County EMS system for 38 years. He has served as a clinician, manager, educator, advocate, mentor, leader, and friend to many throughout his career. Leo is a past President of the Chester County EMS Council, Inc. and previous recipient of their Margaret Hoover Brigham award. Known for his unique ability to lead from the head and the heart, Leo exudes a spirit that facilitates collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Leo has always been admired and respected for his compassion, commitment to excellence, integrity, and quality care; and for being there as a resource whenever needed. Leo recently retired as Director of Medic 93.