Celebrating the Anniversary of a Save
January 27, 2021

Ten years ago Fire & EMS were dispatched with Cochranville Fire and Christiana EMS for an ambulance call for a young adult in cardiac arrest in Highland Twp. The call had some problems as it was a second call for some of the agencies and Parkesburg. Therefore the call was sent to Station# 27 and Christiana EMS. All agencies ended up responding out and the outcome was positive. The patient had a double lung transplant and Diana is now 29 years old and is doing well.

This weekend is the tenth anniversary of that save for the patient and her parents. They celebrated with a drive-by of the agencies that responded that night. The residence is located on Friendship Church Road in Highland Township off Route 10.

Here are the photos from today's drive-by line-up.

Parkesburg police
Cocranville Fire
Many friends and family

Diana Lerch - 29 Years old
10 years ago was 19 years old and went unconscious. She had a double lung transplant and the drive-by was for the 10th anniversary of that

Led by Officer Ray Sheller who responded to the call in Highland 10 years ago along with police chief Brian Sheller.