Working Barn Fire in West Sadsbury Township
February 20, 2021

On Saturday morning at 11:30 AM, KVFD with multiple mutual aid fire companies and responders were dispatched to a barn fire in the 6100 block of Limeville Road in West Sadsbury Township. The caller advised that the livestock was being evacuated.

Chief Gathercole arrived and confirmed a working barn fire and requested additional resources. A water supply was established and firefighters went into service. Upon the arrival of Ladder 8 and Rescue 42, firefighters went into service with hand-lines and got a "quick knock" on the fire.

Ladder 8 was assigned the “A” Alpha Side of the structure and where the source of the fire was located, pulling a hand-line and going into service. Rescue 42 arrived as the first-due Engine and entered and deployed a line to "C" Side of structure and took Division 2 of the barn. Engine 52 arrived on-scene and took the "D" Side allowing for a 360 of the structure to be covered.

Tanker 8 supplied Ladder 8, Tanker 52 supplied Rescue 42 and Tanker 49 stood-by with the supply line laid into the scene.

At 11:57 AM, Chief Gathercole advised that the fire was under control with crews working. Resources on the scene were scaled back, the Tanker Taskforce was recalled and cover units were assigned to fire stations in the event of additional calls.

There were no injuries and six puppies were rescued. Firefighters are still on scene but soon are clearing.

A thank you to the Mutual-Aid responders as well as the Amish Community for your help and support on-scene.

Units: Chief 8, Ladder 8, Tanker 8, Squad 8, Engine 8, Amb 8-1
Mutual Aid: RES27,TKR27,MED293,DEP31,ENG311,ENG312,ENG331,TKR35,ENG445.FM102, LRES42, LTKR45,LTKR49,LTKR52,ENG521,FM36,PPL1