Assist to Cochranville Fire Company on House Fire in Highland Township
December 28, 2021

KVFD was dispatched for Ladder 8 on the chimney fire at 2232 hours assisting Station # 27. While en route the incident was upgraded to a dwelling response as the reports indicated the fire spread from the chimney to the structure.

Deputy 27 arrived and assumed the Gum Tree Command with Engine 27-2 dropping its supply line down the long driveway. Engine 27-2 quickly went into service with a 1 3/4 hand line which was followed up with a second line pulled to the interior.

Chief 8 arrived and was assigned operations by Deputy 27 who was the incident commander.

Ladder 8 was given the first due truck assignment, Engine 8 arrived and its crew assisted with interior operations. Crews split and went to the roof and also interior.

Rescue 8 established a fill site for the tankers in case it was needed and Tanker 8 assisted on-scene as needed.

Crews worked proficiently on-scene and damage was mitigated to prevent extension. Crews remained on-scene assisting Station # 27 with savage and overhaul.

Crews cleared shortly after midnight returning to Station for clean-up.

Units: Chief 8, Ladder 8, Engine 8, Rescue 8, Tanker 8, Squad 8, Ambulance 8-1,
Mutual Aid: Cochranville Station # 27