Building Fire Response for Food on the Stove at Parkesburg School Apartments
April 15, 2022

KVFD was dispatched for the building fire at 360 Strasburg Road the Parkesburg School Apartments in Parkesburg Borough at 0806 hours on this date.

Reports upon responding indicated a fire alarm sounding and smoke seen with no evacuation of the apartment and the caller was reporting the occupants to be handicapped. Chief 8 added Ladder 41-1 due to the access and location of the apartment complex.

Ambulance 8-1 arrived on-scene within minutes and advised of multiple occupancy with nothing showing from the exterior. Chief 8 (Gathercole) arrived and assumed the Parkesburg School Command and advised a report would follow.

It was determined that food on the stove was the cause in a terrace level apartment. Parkesburg PD was on-scene and confirmed the fire was out and asked for ventilation and forcible entry.

Ladder 8 arrived on-scene with the crew going into service with determining the source of the fire and Ladder 8 extending to the roof. Crews stretched a hand-line to the front door and awaited orders.

It was found in the Terrace Level that one of the tenants had food on the stove with a smoke condition throughout. The evacuation was in progress and it required units arriving to remove occupants that were handicapped from the structure to a meeting place on the property.

Crews were in-service with ventilation and the incident was scaled back to KVFD units, Sadsburyville and Cochranville units assisting on-scene.

There were no injuries reported.

Units: Ladder 8, Rescue 8, Tac 8, Squad 8, Ambulance 8, & Chief and Deputy 8
Mutual Aid: Engine 31-2, Engine 27-1, Ladder 41-1, Gap Fire Company and Parkesburg Police