Parkesburg Borough’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary - 150 Years of Parkesburg
May 22, 2022

As the weekend comes to an end and the work week starts, we would like to thank Parkesburg Borough for allowing us to participate and assist with the 150th Anniversary. Friday May 20th through Sunday May 22nd, 2022 had some exciting moments and a record time with the heat for the Month of May.

Personnel from KVFD came out and assisted for this event all three (3) days and took on different tasks than we normally do. On behalf of the KVFD we thank "All" the Volunteers who made this event possible. A lot of time and work into planning this event and the Committees that were involved knocked it out of the park!

Friday's events on Main Street, Saturday's events in Minch Park and throughout the Borough to end the celebration on Sunday back in Minch Park.

Thank you to Tim Reynolds and the personnel that assisted with the time capsule removal and honoring the capsule and all the items that were placed within the Time Capsule many years ago!

The fireworks were a great way to end the evening Saturday night and the Borough had lot's of visitors throughout the weekend.

Great work to Parkesburg Borough and all the contributors and volunteers for an action packed weekend.

Great job by the Emergency Services and Public Works personnel for mitigating many tasks throughout the weekend. Teamwork was performed by Police, Fire and EMS throughout the weekend. To our Fire Police and neighboring agencies that assisted we appreciated your time and assistance.