Remaining Unclaimed Items in The Parkesburg Time Capsule
June 3, 2022

Remaining Unclaimed Items in The Parkesburg Time Capsule

The following remaining items in the time capsule are located at the Keystone Valley Fire House 329 W. First Avenue Parkesburg, Pa. and are ready for pickup.

Contact Tim Reynolds at 610-306-4105

· The Gracelaws & Sarah Holbrook – one letter

· Charles W. Dickenson Jr – Cosmotology certification

· Kelsy Manning – letter

· Ron Burns – pack of photographs

· Stephanie McCoy – 2 letters and a box

· Katie Stoltzfus – Letter

· Donna Faye Hartshorn – Letter

· Daniel Stoltzfus – ziplock of assorted items

· Brennan Thomas Winger – assorted letters

· James, Latoya, Jamell, Dickenson or Tyrone L. Harris – letter

· Justin Wiggins – letter

· Lisa & Fred Butler – family photo

· Shawn Killen – letter

· The Carlisle Family – newspaper

New Items to be placed into the time capsule need to be dropped off at the Keystone Valley Fire House or Parkesburg Borough Hall no later than Wednesday July 20, 2022.

All Items should be well labeled and sealed in zip-lock bags or vacuum sealed to protect them from moisture. All items will be inventoried and then sealed in another plastic bag before placing them into the Time Capsule. The Time Capsule will be placed in the ground on July 30, 2022 to be removed and opened again July 30, 2047.

Unlabeled Items that were in the Parkesburg Time Capsule will be on display at the Parkesburg Library until Wednesday July 20, 2022.

They will be placed back into the Time Capsule after that for the July 2047 opening.

There will be a Signed Framed Pencil Print of the Parkesburg Train Station Drawn by Gary Stern from Gap, Pa. on displayed at the Parkesburg Library that was in the Time Capsule. The Frame was made from wood from the old train station.

By a request letter attached to the frame, the framed print shall be auctioned off by Silent Bid process.

Proceeds are to Benefit any Renovation Projects to the Train Station Sponsored by PABA.

It is noted if the funds are not needed for the Train Station the proceeds shall be given to the Borough to be used for the Celebration to be held in 2047

· All bids shall include your bid price and contact information

· Bids need sealed in an envelope and placed into a box under the print in the Parkesburg Library.

· All Bids shall be opened on July 30, 2022, when the Time Capsule is place back into the ground.

· The Highest Bidder shall be awarded the print and contact for pick up.