Congratulations to Lieutenant Alyssa DeMarco on her New Career Opportunity
August 22, 2022

KVFD would like to congratulate Lieutenant Alyssa DeMarco on new position in her medical career.

Alyssa DeMarco has been working hard to secure her new position and the hard work has paid off.

“Growing up all I ever wanted to be was a flight nurse” said Alyssa DeMarco. Alyssa’s father was and still is big in the fire responder community so growing up and seeing the helicopters she fell in love right away. She started off on the ambulance when she was 15 years old. Once she turned 16 she went to school and got her EMT and continued to volunteer her time on the ambulance. Also, at 16 she started volunteering as a firefighter. Once she turned 18, she went through the fire academy program to become an interior firefighter and became a primary EMT on the ambulance. She continued to volunteer her time while in nursing school. She became a paid firefighter/EMT and continued to volunteer all while in nursing school.

She graduated nursing school and started working at Reading hospital (Tower health now). Once she became an Intensive critical care (ICU) nurse she went back to school for a couple months and became a Pre-hospital registered nurse (PHRN).

She started working as a paramedic, continued to volunteer as a firefighter/EMT, and continued to work as an ICU nurse. Once She put her time in as an ICU nurse, she applied to JeffSTAT where she was a critical care transport nurse on an ambulance.
Her dreams have finally become a reality. We would like to congratulate Lieutenant DeMarco on her new career change and finally achieving your goal.

Everyone is so proud of you for all you have accomplished.

Good luck and stay safe!