2024 Fire Fund-Drive is Arriving in the Mail - "Help Us, Help You!"
January 31, 2024

Keystone Valley Fire Department wants our supporters and residents within the Communities of Parkesburg Borough, West Sadsbury Township and Highland Township to know that our Fire Fund-Drive is arriving in your mail soon. "Help Us, Help You!"

In Pennsylvania, over 96% of all fire departments are volunteer-run. The approximately 1,500 Pennsylvania volunteer fire departments produce a tax savings of about $6.0 billion a year for state and local governments, according to a recent report by the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee. However, many volunteer departments are struggling because of decreases in both volunteerism and funding. Pennsylvania has gone from about 300,000 volunteer firefighters in the 1970's to less than 50,000 today.

These problems have seriously strained the volunteer fire service in areas throughout Pennsylvania. Companies that
have traditionally been separate now are merging into larger departments -- an attempt to combine money, manpower and general resources.

The Keystone Valley Fire Department (KVFD) began operations on March 19, 2013 by consolidating the Atglen Fire Company, Parkesburg Fire Company No. 1, and the Pomeroy Volunteer Fire Company No. 1. In June of 2014, volunteers from the former Martin’s Corner Fire Company also joined KVFD. The consolidation of manpower and resources from these companies has resulted in increased efficiency and a decrease in redundant sources.

Together, the combined department has over 50 volunteers and 20 career staff, and provides Fire/Rescue & EMS Services to approximately 11,000 residents in Parkesburg Borough, West Sadsbury Township, and Highland Township. We believe everyone knows that society is changing and cost of living is up. To outfit a volunteer firefighter is not cheap. Then take into consideration the time spent away from their families and friends while they perform live saving efforts on a daily basis. "Help Us, Help You!"

KVFD’s motto is “Working Regionally to Survive Locally.” This is what we strive for bringing our communities together to provide a better service and funding model so KVFD can deliver the best service possible as volunteers.

**Disclaimer** This is not the EMS Subscription that is arriving. This is the fire department fundraiser to help us obtain new firefighting equipment and life saving protective equipment to equip our volunteers.