Parkesburg Police Chief Brian Sheller’s Sign-Off
January 31, 2024

Today at 1315 hours Chief Brian Sheller officially retired from Parkesburg Police Department on January 31st, 2024.

Chief Sheller retired just shy of 36 years of service to Parkesburg Community.

Chief Brian Sheller from time to time felt obligated to aid the fire department by coming over and driving apparatus when needed, stopping and asking the fire officers what was needed of the police or what he himself could do to assist you on a difficult scene or incident. The working relationship was a great source of comradery between fire and police.

Ladder 8 assisted with the Flag and the Walk-Out Celebration which included many State, County, & Local Police Agencies.

Thank you for your service and contribution to Parkesburg and the surrounding communities.

Units: Ladder 8, Utility 8 & Ambulance 8-1