Reported Brush Fire On Upper Valley Road In West Sadsbury Township
May 31, 2024

On May 31st, 2024, at 13:41 the Keystone Valley Fire Department was dispatched to the 3700 block of Upper Valley Road in West Sadsbury Township for a reported brush fire.

Rescue, Tanker, Tac, Ambulance, Traffic, Assistant 8 (Marks) all made the response and were advised by the Chester County 911 Center that the caller reported a burning of trash was now out of their control and spreading rapidly. Additional reports given by the 911 Center indicated that the residents were attempting to keep the fire detained with a garden hose until the arrival of the fire department.

Keystone Valley Fire Department units arrived to confirm a 20 foot square area of trash burning with a garage as an exposure. Keystone Valley Fire Department personnel deployed handlines and extinguished the fire. Assistant 8 (Marks) placed the situation under control and requested notifications be made to the Township Fire Marshal's. Assistant 8 explained the proper burning procedure to the residents prior to the clearing of Keystone Valley Fire Department units. All residents are asked to use caution with open burning as the wind and dry conditions are causing some concerns.

All Keystone Valley Fire Department units cleared the scene at 14:10.

Units: Keystone Valley Fire Department
Mutual Aid: Fire Marshal's: FM 36, FM 36 A