Rescue 8 Handles Standby Covering The Kennett and Longwood Fire Company
June 8, 2024

On June 8th, 2024, Rescue 8 traveled south to cover the Kennett and Longwood Fire Companies so that their members could take the night off to enjoy their annual banquet. While on standby Rescue 8 covered 1 call for service which was an accident on the 800 block of Creek Road in Kennett Township around 1 am. Rescue 8 was also assisted by the Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company and Longwood Fire Company EMS.

Thank You to Chief McCarthy (Longwood FC) and Chief Melton (Kennett FC) for allowing the Keystone Valley Fire Department to standby for your organizations.

Units: Keystone Valley Fire Department
Mutual Aid: Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company, Longwood Fire Company EMS