Ambulance 8-2 Comes Upon A Rollover Accident In Salisbury Township-Lancaster County
June 20, 2024

On June 20th, 2024, As Ambulance 8-2 was traveling on Lincoln Highway in Salisbury Township in Lancaster County clearing a previous call they observed a rollover auto accident in the area of Lincoln Highway and Mt. Vernon Road.

Ambulance 8-2's crew immediately notified the Lancaster and Chester County 911 Centers of the accident and sprung into gear with patient care. The Subject was assisted from the vehicle and advised that he was uninjured but just wanted to be evaluated. Ambulance 8-2 confirmed that an Ambulance would be sufficient and that no fire department services were needed. Ambulance 8-1 attached to the incident to assist Ambulance 8-2 with patient care and to also assist with traffic management as this roadway is quite busy. The patient decided to be transported to a hospital for a further evaluation.

Ambulance 8-2 started transport of the Pt. to an area hospital and Ambulance 8-1 cleared the scene. The Scene was then turned over to the Pennsylvania State Police to conduct an investigation.

Ambulance 8-2 cleared the call at 20:43.

Units: Keystone Valley Fire Department EMS
Mutual Aid: Law Enforcement: Pennsylvania State Police