KVFD Donates Equipment to the OASD
January 30, 2014

On Wednesday January 29, 2014, the Keystone Valley Fire Department loaded up equipment that has been consolidated from the Pomeroy-Parkesburg-Atglen Fire Companies that can still be used for purposes of education, and traveled to the Octorara Area School District for a delivery.

The Octorara School District runs a protective services Career Technical program titled "Homeland Security and Protective Services."

This program under Mr. Mark Barto, a teacher who is also a fire chief and fire instructor, provides instruction on firefighting and other Homeland Security topics as part of the high school curricula.

The students are encouraged to join local fire companies and get hands on experience. At the completion of this program, the students have valuable technical knowledge and experience, and are in an excellent position to seek careers in protective services, firefighting, emergency management and EMS.

The Keystone Valley Fire Department along with Cochranville and Christiana Fire Companies benefit from this program. Since the start-up of this program, the KVFD has recruited several new Junior Firefighters and three (3) probationary firefighters specifically from this program. The students range from age 16-18 years of age and come into the fire department looking to use knowledge obtained from their classroom work and hands on skill stations.

Currently the program has allowed for the students to obtain their National Incident Management certifications 100,200,700, & 800 and they are starting instruction in firefighting (FF-1).

The Pomeroy Fire Company donated equipment in the past when the program was first implemented. During an inventory process subsequent to our consolidation, several equipment items were identified as surplus or no longer serviceable. The Board of Directors approved the donation of these items to the OASD.

Today we donated four Scott SCBA, along with over 40 sets of turnout gear. This gear has seen its life expectancy in our service and is restricted by NFPA codes for further use in active fire suppression efforts. However, it will serve well for training at the school. Since much of this equipment was purchased with taxpayer funds it is great to keep it still serving.

Mr. Barto advised the funding is being received for the program however; the cost of additional equipment can be costly. The items KVFD donated will go a long way.

This is yet another example of our partnership with the community to best meet the needs now and the future. We know that Junior Firefighters are the future of the fire service and commend the OASD Superintendent, Dr. Newcome, School Board and Mr. Barto for their leadership and support of this vital program.

Units: Squad 8-1